Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Rules -- a pre/over-view

This post will serve as a way for me to establish the basics as to the purpose of this blog, as well as to give my potential readership some insight as to what it is they are getting into.

5 Main Rules:

1) In striving to stay true to its title and URL, In the Realm of the Rational will focus on issues related to rationality, sensibility, and just plain common sense.

2) The main focus of the blog will be on current events, if at all possible. The main topic at hand will be analyzed, and then assessed for its BullShit (henceforth known as "BS") Factor.

3) BS Factor may not be assessed solely based on political bias, religious preference, personal prejudices, or impulsive inclinations. Although all the aforementioned might influence the content of the blog, the main "calling out" shall be done in concern to aspects of the main issue that simply are wrong. Such wrongness might be ascribed to factors such as incredible bias (either to the right or to the left), ill-gotten information, deliberately misquoted statements and statistics, and other gross manipulations of what might objectively be called "the truth."

4) Posts shall occur as needed but shall not occur less than thrice a week. No more than one post a week shall consist of only a link and analysis.

5) Posts shall be tagged with no less than three tags each in order to help create more of a specific theme and a pattern for the blog.