Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Horrifying Stereotypes Ideas

This entry is not for actual analysis, it's a list with a function. If you do not know that function, i.e. you didn't land here for that reason, well then, you are not meant to know, and you must accept that.

Stereotypes that have already been "called" (that doesn't mean you can't do it, but try to think of something else):
- a Frenchman from the early 50s (hyper cheeseball style)
- hippy/flower child
- backwards Muslim/Arab woman
- over-the-top metalhead
- wannabe goth
- skinhead
- dumb blonde (not technically taken, but you know someone is coming as that)

Stereotype Ideas:
- Catholic schoolgirl = little skirt, big cross wedged in between breasts pushed up by unbuttoned blouse, socks, "cute" shoes, acting sweetly and yet naughtily
- that Christian girl that comes on campus = conservative clothing, Bible, proselytizing
- Frenchwoman = dressed immaculately and in black, beret, cigarette in holder, nihilistic and cynical attitude
- academic nerd = big backpack loaded with books, glasses that constantly need adjusting, use of only big words
- geek, Internet version = Mountain Dew, Twinkies, unkempt look, obscure reference on t-shirt, sloppy, socially inept yet obviously horny
- geek, super version = snorting noises, D&D, Magic cards, acts as if in a fantasy film or video game
- emo kid = depressed, scars on wrists, hair over face, glasses, whining, Chuck Taylors, skinny jeans
- grunge kid = flannel, apathy, long nasty hair, muttering, Chuck Taylors, love of Nirvana/worship of Kurt Cobain
- over-trendy Japanese = weird-colored hair streaks, liquid eyeliner, absolutely ludicrous and costume-like clothing
- delicate Asian flower = sweet and feminine demeanor, very conservative but girly clothing, lots of giggling, clutching at a stuffed animal
- wannabe G = bling, grillz, hos, 40s, rimz, misogyny, etc.
- wannabe rapper = old school baggy clothes, athletic wear, pretentiously expensive sneakers, talks constantly in rhythm and thyme
- uber-Feminazi = mannish clothing, solid shoes, loud and rough-sounding voice, hatred towards all men and males, disdain for sexually liberated women
- fraternity guy = loud, raucous, beer-drinking, hits on all "hot" women, annoying, douchey
- sorority chick = slutty, fake, pretends to like everyone, overly "spirited" about school/her particular affiliation

You get the idea. And if you get a brilliant one you are not going to use, comment if you have an account or email me if you don't.