Friday, October 23, 2009

cut yerself a break every once in a while

We live in an assumed state of some pretty unassumable things. We're supposed to not only grasp things as small as atoms and as vast as THE UNIVERSE when we can hardly even understand what it is to understand ourselves, but also, put crudely, we are supposed to, you know, function and do other shit. Fuck, if you were a child like me, you were clumsy in your own body (and maybe still are) -- you can barely use your own body correctly and somehow you're supposed to deal with subatomic particles and supernovas? How much we implicitly expect of ourselves -- we've got a lot on our minds all the time and we're expected to do things like keep time? Time as conceieved of by the Sumerians, via the Babylonians, via the Egyptians, divided up in increments that are different from our usual 5-based system? HA.

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